Farina Prosecco (extra dry)


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Savvy Wine

The careful sorting of the Glera grapes for the production of Prosecco and the art of winemaking are essential elements of this wine. The “re-fermentation” which takes place with the Charmat method, through the yeast stirrer, to enhance the quality of the wine, creates a charming, extremely fine, and persistent perlage.

Production technique
Mechanical harvesting for the Guyot, manual for the Pergola

Vinification: · After a short contact with the skins, cleaning, and separation of the must are carried out, fermentation at 18°C, stabilization and transfer in autoclave without losing aroma and freshness.

Ageing: Some months in the bottle

Wine Description
Straw yellow with greenish shades, aromatic, scented as wildflowers, apple, and linden. It is soft, mellow, with an heady perlage.

Winemaker’s recommendations
Excellent as an aperitif, but its character makes it suitable for any kind of food.


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