Farina Valpolicella Classico DOC 2022


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Renowned red wine which reflects the aromas and flavours of its territory. Unique for
its elegance, remarkable even when young. Bright ruby red color, intense, fresh, and heady aroma.

Production Technique
Manual harvesting of the grapes from mid-September.

Vinification: Pressing and roller-destemming, following selected yeasts injection and controlled temperature fermentation never above at 25°C, with alternated pumping overs and deal stages (the must is separated from the skins and then put on them again), in order to have a perfect extraction and the best elegance, without compromising the final freshness.

Ageing: 100% stainless steel, following ageing in the bottle.

Wine Description
Bright ruby red color. Fruity, delicate scents, with hints of morello cherry, plum, and raspberry. Dry, but velvety and well-balanced taste with an underlying soft, harmonic, enveloping taste.

Winemaker’s recommendations
Well-matched to not over-demanding meals, excellent with fast snacks.

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