Villa Vescoville Merlot DOC 2020

Villa Vescovile

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The Merlot of Villa Vescovile was born in the vineyards located in the municipalities of Lavis and Gardolo, in Trentino. This wine is made from 100% Merlot grapes, selected when fully ripe. The must, obtained by vinification, is left to ferment on the skins for about a week at a temperature of 30°C. After malolactic fermentation it is aged for about 4 months in large fine oak barrels.

Production Technique

The must - produced from the vinification of specially selected, very ripe grapes undergoes fermentation on the skins for between six and eight days at a temperature of 30°C. Once malolactic fermentation and the various racking stages are complete, the wine is aged far around 4 months in large barrels of high-quality oak.

Wine description
Color: intense ruby red.
Bouquet: clean, pleasant assertive, with a polished, characteristic grassiness.
Taste: balanced, smooth and weil structured.

Winemaker’s recommendations

A suitable accompaniment to soups, grilled meats and cheeses. 

Open at least one hour before serving at a temperature of 16/18°C.

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